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Future Home Buyers

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Financial Literacy

Accurate Tri-Merge Credit Report

Your social security number is the key to your life and secrets. Your social security number is more important to protect than your name.

Each time you give out your social security number to someone to check your credit, you become 1,000 times more likely to be a victim of identity theft. Here at Home Buyer Huddle we have developed a one-time blockchain technology (patent pending) universal credit report option that provides you with your protected credit report and results that you will be able to give an approved lender. Your file number will disappear from their accessibility based on the amount of time you give them to review your report, thereby protecting your personal information and keeping it secure.

As credit reports currently stand, they show many sets of eyes your legal name, your legal address, your date of birth, your employer, years of employment, and your entire life-long credit history. With our patent-pending technology, the lender you choose to actually submit an application to be approved for credit will only be able to view the entire report once you actually apply for a specific loan. This will reduce your risk of identity theft by over 99%, as you will be the only person to have full access at any given time to your entire report. A Tri-Merge Credit Report consists of an Experian, Trans-Union, and Equifax score and analysis of your credit history. The majority of credit decisions are based on the median score.

Click here to order your Tri-Merge Credit Report which will last you for 120 days.

Credit Consultation

Are you interested in getting a professional opinion from an experienced credit review analyst? Do you want to know the tips and tricks to building a foundation with good credit? Do you want to know if your credit has any room for improvement?

Click here to request a credit consultation today.

Accountability Savings Plans

It is proven that the majority of people perform better in all aspects of life when they hold themselves accountable to another individual who has the same goals and intentions in mind. Inside of Home Buyer Huddle, you are able to connect with individuals like yourself and develop a peer-to-peer accountability program. Each month you set a goal on monies to save, and you connect with your accountability partner on the agreed upon date to prove to one another you are both staying on task with your savings plan and goal.

Debt consulting

Debt is one of the major problems in America, and one of the least-talked about subjects in the news regarding finances. No matter how much debt you have, or what kind of debt you have, there is always a solution. Sometimes creative debt consolidation and restructuring is needed. Let one of our in-house debt and credit consultants navigate you through what may seem to be murky waters, all the way through to the shore of financial freedom.

Click here to request a consultation.

Mortgage Application Coaching

Home-Buying Simulation (Patent)

Loan Options

There are three main types of loan options in the market place, usually offered by most lenders: FHA, Conventional, and VA Mortgages. Loan amounts and loan types are specific to the state and county in which the real estate is located. Due to these numbers being very specific and geographically sensitive, we recommend you submitting a short application form or contacting your local real estate and lending professional to see what special loan options may be available in your desired market. Keep in mind it is always easiest to get your loan approved with the three most common and funded loan types indicated above.

Click here to fill out our short form to best guide you.

Survival Manual

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D.I.Y. Playbook

Home Depot concept, to be developed.

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