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Mentorship Program

It takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to invest in something you are not fully educated or proficient. Home Buyer Huddle has developed a system to allow an experienced real estate industry-related professional to take one to two individuals from elementary school through college under their wing, and provide them with both the professional and personal guidance to achieve both success and happiness in all aspects of life. This program will allow you to be mentored by someone you would like to be like, or to mentor or train someone to be like you. Let your experience and legacy be carried on by holding the hand of someone of your choosing, or latch on to an mentor you believe will best be able to help you achieve all of your goals and dreams in real estate.

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Flip vs. Buy & Hold Advice

This section allows our dedicated real estate advisory board to help you determine whether or not you should buy, fix, and flip a transaction or to buy, fix, and hold on a particular transaction. Please fill out this short questionnaire below to give us the preliminary information needed to decide which option is best, based on the information provided.

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Access to the Nation's Top Hard Money Funds

There are many lenders that claim to be consumer friendly and easy to work with. We warn you to be careful in selecting lenders that deem to be direct. It is crucial to request loan terms and fees up front along with a reasonable timeline from application to funding.

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Commercial Mortgage Education

The commercial mortgage process from application to closing has no comparison to the residential lending market. Commercial mortgages are looked at and reviewed in a much different fashion, and depending on the real estate asset itself, can and will impact the profitability, and / or terms of the loan.

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Partnerships with Home Buyer Huddle

Are you looking to partner with our Advisory Team? Does your business operate with the same values, morals, and ethics to provide current homeowners, future homeowners, and service providers with the best information, education, and results?

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Discounted Title Searches

Often times, one of the main holdups in acquiring real estate is the good-old title report, which includes chain of title and violations on real estate properties. Our in-house approved title service providers want to offer you the most value and information available to assist you in your real estate purchasing needs, while protecting what may be your largest financial investment of your life.

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